Best Pirce to Buy Nike Air VaporMax Platinum

2 septembre 2018 - 05:31

It seems that the Platinum Platinum color matching stock that appeared in the first round of the round has not been sold out! The Nike official website has released the notice, and the Nike Air VaporMax Platinum men and women will be re-registered on the official website! This platinum color is striking with refreshing vitality, and the top is the gorgeous look of shiny white shoes. The multiple sale also makes its market price more "close to the people!"

What is the scene of the 1997 air-cushion running shoes, which will be integrated with the 2017 air-padded running shoes? The Nike Air VaporMax 97 in front of you answered this question! The Air Max 97's body is grafted on the VaporMax outsole, and the black-gray tone is complemented by fluorescent green details. It has a visual impact and a rich layered atmosphere. The Nike Air VaporMax 97 Japan will be officially released on March 9th, with a full-fledged new generation of running shoes. I believe that there are also good performances on the street!

It will be officially launched at the beginning of next year, and the Flyknit woven upper is finally on the Air Force 1 classic retro shoe, and its most classic white shoe dress is also unveiled again. This Nike Flyknit Air Force 1 White still gives us a familiar and refreshing experience, but the overall appearance of the Flyknit woven upper is more sleek and breathable.

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